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About Pride Beauty Supply & Boutique


Pride Beauty Supply & Boutique is a Black-Owned, Female-Owned, and operated Beauty Supply Store, Salon, and Boutique. Pride Beauty Supply & Boutique Inc. is the premier beauty destination for Ethnic Hair Products and Professional Hair Stylists servicing the Greater Lake Norman Area, located in Stanley, NC.


Pride Beauty Supply has set corporate goals to have fifty percent of our inventory with Black-Owned and Female-Owned Manufactures, promote and partner with Emerging Enterprises to offer an opportunity to prominently promote their new product to the consumer market, and lastly seek to partner with Corporate Vendors with strong Social Responsibility Initiatives and serve as a liaison to develop new Community programming where applicable.


The owner, Joelle Gwynn was a first time Mother at 47 yrs of age when she had her miracle child, Jayla. Jayla's name means "Surprise Gift from God." After Jayla was born, Joelle decided to wear her hair naturally so her daughter could see a positive and similar image in her Mom that affirmed her curly hair. That's when Joelle became zealous about haircare and began researching Youtube Channels for information on caring for thick and tender-headed natural hair. Then after encountering bias in hair service and noticing the lack of media imagery that her daughter could be affirmed by, and recognizing the need for more immediate access to ethnic hair products and stylists, she formed Pride Beauty Supply & Boutique.

Pride Beauty Supply & Boutique is a place to find ethnic hair and makeup products, networking opportunities for Emerging Enterprises, and education support and advocacy not only for your hair and beauty needs but giving back to the community too, our service to each client, the community enables us to all live better with Pride.

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